Frequently Asked Questions

What is sLoot?

sLoot is randomized scammer gear generated and stored on Business Casual. If you scam people, you might as well have some loot. Stats, images, and other functionality are intentionally omitted for others to interpret. Feel free to use Loot in any way you want.


Why is sLoot special?

sLoot is not unique – this is definitely not the first project of its kind. With no company, art, team, or attributes, sLoot makes it possible to create the scammiest possible decisions related to NFTs.

sLoot is definitely unfiltered, and provides some extremely interesting stories, experiences, and creative items for the community, should anyone actually ever decide to build anything with this “project”.

Can I build with sLoot?

Yes, we certainly aren’t going to stop you. Do whatever you want (no seriously, we don’t care). Should there be enough interest we’ll put together a community resources page shortly.

Am I priced out of sLoot?

Honestly, if this project out-prices you, someone really, really messed up. Anyone with an ethereum wallet can mint sLoot. Minting is free, the only cost to you are the ethereum network gas fees.

How do I value sLoot bags?

As they say that value is always in the hand of the holder… or something like that. sLoot is no different, with no explicit rarities specified at launch. How a scammer values their sLoot bag is completely up to their evil heart’s desire.

Remember, use your own scamming discretion when valuing anything sLoot related.

This website is not open source, but does that really matter if you get rich?